Referee of the Month

Congratulations to Chris Pavlidis! Our September Referee of the Month!

Each month we will recognize the men and women in stripes! It is arguably the hardest job in any sport. We have an outstanding group who put their heart and soul into this job. 

Our inaugural recipient is Chris Pavlidis! Chris is a hard working individual who makes himself readily available, He can be called upon in an instant and we appreciate his commitment to our league. He is not the most vocal but he makes it up by always being in position and taking control of his games.

Chris have been officiating ball and ice hockey for ten years consecutively however it spans well over twenty years in total. After his playing day were done at the tender age of 18 he switched over to officiating ice hockey in the youth divisions until he was 24. During this time he also coached Select hockey in the Avenue Road Mighty Ducks organization. 

After a break Chris began reffing ball hockey along with staying active in ice hockey coaching and reffing for the love of the game. He wasn't playing competitively any long so this was his way to stay involved. The main reason for officiating our sport was to keep active and make new friendships. 

Congratulation Chris!

Birthplace: Toronto (East York), Ontario

Current Residence: Toronto (East York), Ontario

Age: 45

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