Player Eligibility

*updated March 24, 2021

Player Eligibility is based on "A" players from the summer season. Click here  for a complete list of Men's "A" players from the 2019 summer season.

Below is the player eligibility chart taken from the OBHF website.

Players eligibility resets in the summer season.

Please Note: Because the 2020 summer season was cancelled the list attached is still active.

Men's A (Tier 1)Players may only play 'A'25
Men's B (Tier 2) Any player other than 'A'  are allowed on the roster22
Men's C (Tier 3)Allowed a maximum of two (2) 'B' players are allowed on the roster22
Men's D (Tier 4)Allowed a maximum of five (5) 'B' & 'C' players with a maximum of three (3) 'B' players on the roster22
Men's E (Tier 5)Allowed a maximum of five (5) 'D' players. 'B' and 'C' players are ineligible on roster of 22.22
Men's Masters 31+Born in 1989 or earlier, 'A' players are not permitted to play. All other levels are eligible22
Men's Masters A 40+Born in 1980, All players eligible to play22
Men's Masters B 40+Born in 1980, Not permitted to use any 'A 'players22
Men's Masters  50+ Born in 1970, All players eligible to play22
Women's AAll players are eligible22
Women's BTeams are not permitted to use any 'A' players on the roster22
Women's Masters 35+Maximum of two (2) players under the age of 32 (1988) of B calibre or below may play22