Player Eligibility

*updated February 24, 2020

Player Eligibility is based on "A" players from the summer season. Click here for a complete list of Men's "A" players from the 2019 summer season.

Below is the player eligibility chart taken from the OBHF website.

Please note: Players eligibility resets in the summer season.

Men's A (Tier 1)Players may only play 'A'25
Men's B (Tier 2) Any player other than 'A'  are allowed on the roster22
Men's C (Tier 3)Allowed a maximum of two (2) 'B' players are allowed on the roster22
Men's D (Tier 4)Allowed a maximum of five (5) 'B' & 'C' players with a maximum of three (3) 'B' players on the roster22
Men's E (Tier 5)Allowed a maximum of five (5) 'D' players. 'B' and 'C' players are ineligible on roster of 22.22
Men's Masters 31+Born in 1989 or earlier, 'A' players are not permitted to play. All other levels are eligible22
Men's Masters A 40+Born in 1980, All players eligible to play22
Men's Masters B 40+Born in 1980, Not permitted to use any 'A 'players22
Men's Masters  50+ Born in 1970, All players eligible to play22
Women's AAll players are eligible22
Women's BTeams are not permitted to use any 'A' players on the roster22
Women's Masters 35+Maximum of two (2) players under the age of 32 (1988) of B calibre or below may play22